Sunday, May 13, 2018

Gadding About at UNC Graduation for Class of 2018

The procession of graduates. 
My oldest grandson, Zach, graduated from UNC today, and I was there to celebrate.  It was a horribly hot day, but his grandfather and I made our way over early and managed to get a seat that remained in the shade for the entire program.  
A sea of Carolina Blue. 

Sitting in the shade. 

After the commencement, we walked over to the DKE House where we enjoyed a fine lunch. 
Zach on the left with his brothers Tyler (middle) and Brooks.

Granddaughter Grace. 

My first born son Michael, father of the graduate. 

The siblings in front of DKE House. 

Michael and Meredith with their four kids. 
One down, three to go.  Michael and Meredith (both graduates of UNC where they met) have done a great job rearing those grands. 

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