Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Brooklyn and the ACC Tournament

ACC Tournament at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

When I last left you I was flying from West Palm Beach to Brooklyn, so I'm here now.  Actually this was a week or two ago.  The Basketball Season is over now, but I have had a fantastic one.  In addition to watching my three grandsons play, I traveled to Kansas to see Devonte' play, and then to the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn for three days.

We did a bit of sightseeing the first day we arrived: Buskers on the NY Subway,The World Trade Center Memorial, A ride in a Yellow Cab, Little Italy including Ferraras.

The World Trade Center Memorial.

Our first ride in a Yellow Cab in NY City. 

Dinner in Little Italy. 


The next morning I awoke to SNOW!  Zach and Patrick had gone early to the Barclay Center so I ventured out a bit later.  While waiting for a cab I met Eric Brown of ACC fame (played for Miami) who just happened to be staying at our hotel. I invited him to share my cab (which never came) so  we just hiked the almost mile to the Barclay Center in the snow.  FUN!!!
Snow our first morning here.  And after my leaving West Palm Beach where it was very warm.
Eric Brown and I before we started our hike to the Barclay Center. 
We had great seats thanks to Zach's friend Jerome Robinson who plays for Boston College.
Of course I was pulling for Carolina here. 
After I returned home I continued to watch the NCAA tournament.  My team didn't win but they did make it to the final four.  And I didn't do too well on my bracket.

Kansas beats Duke to go to Final Four. 

I was 15 out of 21.  I picked Virginia to go to Final Four and I picked Kansas to win it all. 

Basketball is over now until next year.  I will be waiting for the NBA draft to continue to follow Devonte' Graham.

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