Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Lights in Forest City, NC

Main Street Decorated for Christmas in Forest City, NC
Jen had never heard of Forest City. but when we visited it in our way to Asheville, she fell in love with it.  We had lunch on the way up at Smith's Drug Store that is known for its pimento cheese.  It was fun sitting at the counter, and we each enjoyed a toasted pimento cheese sandwich.
The counter at Smith's Drug Store. 
A lovely mural painted on the wall of one of the buildings. 

After we returned from Asheville, we went back to Forest City from Shelby with a couple of friends in tow just to see the beautiful Christmas lights on Main Street there.

The snowman. 

A decorated door with  reflections of the street lights. 
We ate dinner there.  DeDe had jambalaya.  

Jen waiting on her order. 

Main Street.

Decorated window. 

All the tree trunks are decorated with little white lights.  Beautiful. 

For a small town the Christmas decorations are extraordinary.

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