Tuesday, January 23, 2018

At the Ballgame in Allen Fieldhouse: Kansas v Baylor

Allen Fieldhouse. 

Saturday morning Zach and I had a slow start and headed to downtown Lawrence where we got breakfast at Wheatfield Bakery.  The food was good and the baked goods were spectacular.

Brunch at Wheatfield Bakery.  Notice the large cinnamon roll.

I had a meatball grinder.  
After our breakfast, guess it was brunch because it was noon, we had planned to find a pub where we could watch the UNC ballgame that was starting at 1:00 Kansas time.  At the Bakery there was a group of women with Pussy Hats on, and I asked if they had been to a Women's March.  They explained that the March was at 1:00 just down the street, so I decided to go with them and let Zach find a pub and watch the game.  Zach was reluctant to have me go off on my own, but I explained I would get Uber back to the Fieldhouse and meet him for the 5:00 ballgame and that I would be okay.
Rosie the Riveter.

Women's March in Lawrence Kansas. 

Back at the Fieldhouse we entered through a door designated for family and guests of players to get our tickets.  Our seats were in a great spot behind the Baylor team.  We got there in time to watch the teams warm up.
Kansas warming up for game. 
Kansas got off to a great start and was leading by double digits early in the game, but Baylor kept inching up and with a few minutes left Baylor was leading, but Kansas made a comeback and won the game by three points.  During those last minutes Devonte' stole the ball and then with Kansas leading by only one Devonte' made two foul shots to insure that Baylor would be able to only tie the game in the final seconds.  Baylor didn't.  It was very nerve wracking at the end of the game.
Devonte's cheering section.  Left to right: His Mom, his cousin, his sister, and me.  
We hung around to see Devonte' after the game, and then I went back to the motel happy but pretty tired.  Zach went back into town to meet Devonte' and some of his friends for a few hours of partying.  Zach enjoyed seeing how popular Devtone' is and how folks were coming up and high fiving him.
His Mom is happy after the win.  

Zach congratulating Devonte' on the win. 

I've never watched an NBA game, but next year I will definitely be following Devonte' .  I hope he gets drafted by a team that is fairly close to Raleigh, because attending an NBA game where he will be playing is on my Bucket List.

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