Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gadding About in Parrots General Store

The parrot in Parrots Store. (Photo by Anthony Benson)
Laura, Anthony, and I motored down to Kinston to have dinner at The Chef and The Farmer, but we went early enough to browse around in Parrots General Store before dinner.  What a fun place!  This place has been in business in this same location for over 70 years.
Live chickens and rabbits for sale. 
After you raise your live chicken as a pet you can buy a harness for her. 
Cheerwine and RC Cola.

Mary Jane candy. 
Wagons in the window.
I guess this is for whatever ails one. 

Used to pick up nuts. 

Handmade oak basket. 

There's not much tobacco grown around here anymore. 

If you find yourself in Kinston, NC I recommend visiting this old timey store.

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