Sunday, December 31, 2017

Breakfast at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

The original part of the Inn as seen from our window.
This week my friend Jen and I made a three-day road trip to Asheville, NC.  On Friday morning as we were heading home, we decided to have breakfast at the famous Grove Park Inn.  Upon arrival the parking attendant said we must have a reservation and after a bit of discussion, Jen said we had a reservation (we didn't) and that we were going to get Valet Parking.  So she waved us through.  Jen makes things happen, and she is a great one for travelling.

Somehow we managed to be escorted to a table for breakfast at 10:34, although breakfast supposedly closed at 10:30.  (Jen again!)

We both have been to the Grove Park Inn on several occasions, it was a favorite of Dan and mine.  But never have we sneaked in for breakfast like we did this time,  It was well worth it though.
My breakfast. 

Jen finally getting her morning coffee. 
Our waiter, Jonathan.
The Inn was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and they had the winners of the Gingerbread House Contest on display.  A lady from Cary was the first place winner among the adult entries.  Her entry was Ghosts from Christmas Past.
The winning Gingerbread House Contest entry.
Jen and others enjoying the Gingerbread House entries. 
The Grove Park Inn bear.  

One of the many decorated Christmas trees, this one with a musical theme. 

Sitting by the fire after a wonderful breakfast at the Grove Park Inn. 
If ever you wish to get into someplace where you DON'T have a reservation, take Jen with you.

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