Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day Three On to Maine

We departed early on our third day of this trip for the Amtrak Station in Boston to board the train for Wells, Maine.  Perhaps making ones way through a crowded train station during rush hour for those who had never experienced it made this worthwhile, but the train ride itself was quite ordinary.  It arrived at Wells late, and we had to hurry on to the waiting bus and didn't have time to enjoy the pretty train station at Wells.  In the future Rails and Sails, I recommend going from Boston to Wells on the bus and ditch the train ride.

The cruise around the harbor at Kennebunkport allowed a view of the Bush home and some pretty scenery.  On to Portland where we had dinner on our own, and we chose something close to the hotel, Grittys, who did not serve grits, but where the clam chowda was excellent.

Dinner at Grittys (L to R: Gail, Sally, Ann, Pat W, Peggy, me

Following a bus tour of Portland, we had a delightful tour on a lobster boat where we were learned how lobsters are harvested.
Beautiful lighthouse in Portland, Maine. 

Two female lobsters, one with many eggs.  

Natasha, a former student of mine, lives in Kennebunkport, and she met me for lunch.  It had been nine years since I had seen her, and we had a delightful visit.  Having a visit with Natasha was the highlight of my time in Portland.  Dan and I had taking her under our wings when she was newly arrived from Russia and was studying at the college where I was teaching. She is now happily married with three lovely children.
Beautiful Natasha.  

The lobster dinner at Dimillos on the Water was incredible and the lobster and steamed clams were delish.  It was amusing to watch those who had never eaten lobster manage to extract the lobster from its shell.  Everyone in our group enjoyed the evening.
Our lobster and steamed clams dinner at Dimillos on the Water. 

Tom, our bus driver, sat at our table and helped some manage their lobster. 

On to New Hampshire to continue our Rails and Sails New England trip.

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