Friday, July 14, 2017

Gadding About at The Neuse River Sunflower Fields in Raleigh, NC

The Sunflower Fields at sunrise. 
The other morning my friend Ava and I went over to the Neuse River Trails to see the Sunflower Fields before sunrise.
A panorama showing just a portion of the Fields. 
One would need a drone to capture the expanse of these Fields.

My friend Ava is a professional photographer, and she captured some terrific photos at ground level.  Enjoy.
Ava's sunrise photo. (Photo by Ava Barlow.)

Pollinator.  (Photo by Ava Barlow.)

Check out this to get more information about the sunflower fields.

Why do sunflowers face east when they are mature?  Check out this video.

You should hurry over to see these, because soon they will be harvested to create thousands of gallons of biodiesel fuel to use in some of Wake County's tractors and other farm vehicles.

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