Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gadding About at Leila's Birthday Party: The Food

In my last post about Leila's first birthday party, I mentioned that the food was so special that I had to devote a separate post to it.  Casey had chosen a "woodland" or "forest" theme for the party, and she, her mother, and her grandmother prepared the food perfectly to fit this theme.  It was really quite a spread---and delish!

The vegetable tray with dip was created to look like an owl.  Very clever.
Forest friend, the owl.
Forest berries. 

Left:  Ham and cheese logs.  Right : Trees. 

Cheese ball to look like a porcupine.

Rainbow trout fish. 
Of course if you go camping in the forest, you will want to have a campfire to cook the hotdogs.  Gather up some twigs to get the flames going.
Hotdogs with all the trimmings.  
The dessert table continued with the woodland or forest theme: cupcakes to resemble mushrooms or ones covered with moss, and candy to represent "bear poop".
The dessert table.  
Bear poop candy made by RaRa (Photo by Kelly Snellings.)

Casey is so creative, and I'm already looking forward to Leila's Second Birthday Party.

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