Friday, March 10, 2017

Gadding about at "Two Doors Down" In Shelby.

After Virginia and I had lunch at Ni Fin's Kitchen the other day, we popped into the ladies' clothing shop next door. Back in the 50s and 60s another ladies' clothing shop, McNeeleys,  was in this same location. Both the former shop and the current one, Two Doors Down, which is actually one door down from Ni Fen's, are known for their beautiful collection of ladies' wear.
I love the vivid colors. 

The beautiful bright colors convinced me that Spring and Summer aren't that far off.

It was not  my intention to buy anything, but I couldn't resist this colorful top that will be perfect for my planned summer travels.

The decor inside is in keeping with the "door" theme.  Colorful vintage doors are mounted above the clothing racks and add a nice touch.
Colorful vintage doors. 

I'm glad to have discovered this shop.  I'll check in again the next time I'm in Shelby.

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