Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gadding About at the Kadhai

What a special lunch on Sunday!  My friend Jeanette treated me to lunch at the Kadhai, a new to me Indian restaurant, at the Pleasant Valley Promenade. I'm always happy to find a new restaurant especially when it is an Indian one and one as good as this.

There were so many different choices in the buffet that I had a difficult time choosing.  Highly spiced dishes I avoid, so I chose those that were mildly spiced. The hummus was particularly nice and so beautifully displayed.

My plate.
I always have a mango lassi when I'm at an Indian restaurant.  Sometimes in the summer I just go into one and order a lassi to go. A lassi has a cooling effect to counteract the spicy food.  I also like raita for the same reason.
Mango lassi. 
Raita (Photo from the Kadhai website.)
The decor in the restaurant is quite nice.  Lots of nice photographs and artwork.
Nice decor. 

There were three different desserts from which to choose: Gulab Jamun milk balls served in rose flavored sugar syrup and caramom, Carrot Halwa Rich carrot pudding flavored with cardamom and Rice Pudding.  I chose the rice pudding and it was perfect.

A trio of desserts from which to choose. 

I will definitely be going to this restaurant again.  I believe it is now my favorite Indian restaurant in Raleigh.

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