Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Women's March in Raleigh, NC

In Raleigh (Photo by Ben McKeown)
Organized in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington, the goal of this March in Raleigh and those across the country, indeed across the world, was to send a bold message to the nation’s new government on their first day in office that women’s rights are human rights.  And I was proud to be among those in Raleigh, NC who gathered to make this clear to the new administration.  In my young days I marched for Civil Rights and I marched for the ERA, and somehow I thought as I approach eighty my marching days would be over.  Not so it turns out.  

In Raleigh, they estimated a crowd of 5,000 would march on the sidewalks from City Plaza to Moore Square and no streets were predicted to be closed.  To the surprise of even the organizers an estimated 17,000 turned out and many of the streets in downtown Raleigh were indeed closed.  Traffic came to a halt. 
For my granddaughter.
My participation was to make clear that I for one was going to hold this new administration's feet to the fire and when they try to step on women's rights (afterall women's rights are human rights), when they refuse to protect the environment, when they do not support an increase in the minimum wage,  when they do not support public education; then I will be right here in opposition and I will let my opposition be known to our public servants.  These marches were not one day events, but the beginning of a movement.  I intend to write letters, to make phone calls,  and to march again when necessary.  I am so proud to say that many of my friends and relatives, women AND MEN (in Washington, DC, in Portland, Oregon, in Alaska, in Greensboro, NC,  in Charlotte NC, in NY City, in British Columbia, and in Melbourne Australia) participated in these marches.  Proud of y'all!!!!

My friend Jan marching in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (second from right.)
The son of a friend of mine was marching with his mother in Washington. (Photo by Ava Barlow)
My friend and Dan's former graduate student Curt with his wife in Washington. Dan would be proud and so am I.  Thank you.

My sentiments too! A friend took this photo while at the Washington March.  (Photo by Janet Taylor)

The Raging Grannies are a choral group of grandmothers in Raleigh.

Our future is in our young people.  

Our Congressman, David Price, was there. 

So listen up Mr. President, we are watching very carefully!

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