Monday, December 19, 2016

Gadding About at IKEA During the Holidays

Whenever I make a trip to Shelby, I pass by the Swedish store, IKEA.  Although IKEA is known mainly for its modern and reasonably priced home furnishings it has a cafeteria with an interesting assortment of Swedish dishes.  Recently I was there near lunchtime, and I stopped to have a bite to eat. I had a smoked salmon burger, my favorite drink, lingonberry juice, and a chocolate pastry or candy.  All were quite good.

After lunch I thought I would have a quick trip around the store, but I had forgotten that there's nothing quick about getting through the store even at a fast pace.  I wasn't looking for anything, just looking which I rarely do. If I go shopping it is to look for something in particular.  I'm actually not fond of shopping for the sake of shopping.

There were lots of decorations for the Christmas season.  Pretty red and white tins, Christmas balls in silver and gold, and wrapping paper.

I did find a pretty pillow with cats in black on white.  I bought two---one for the Chatfield house and the other as a gift for a friend who really loves anything feline and who has two black and white cats.  They had quite an assortment of stuffed animals, and I've always wanted a Husky so I put one in the cart and brought it home.  It can be a buddy for Maggie.

One of the drawbacks of shopping at IKEA is the long line at checkout, and this was especially true for the holiday shopping.

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