Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gadding About in Copenhagen

Unfortunately it is not I gadding about in Copenhagen, but my grandson Zach who is visiting his girlfriend Claire who is spending this semester studying in Copenhagen.  So I am vicariously experiencing this.  I have traveled quite a bit but never to Denmark.  This has been a fun trip!
First day there touring along the canal.  
Beer tasting at the Carlsberg brewery.
Tivoli decorated for Christmas. 
Claire's host family prepared a Thanksgiving dinner for them.
The Little Mermaid.:  a bronze statute that is a Copenhagen icon. 

I'm glad to see that Zach was well prepared for the cool weather. 

Visiting Rosenborg Castle.  .  
Zach returns home tomorrow and Claire will be home in a couple of weeks.
Scandinavia  is definitely high on my bucket list.  Maybe next summer?

Photos by Claire and Zach.

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