Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Visit From Shelby Friends

AMTRAK  arriving from Charlotte with my friends on board.

On Monday three of my long time friends (since first grade) Ann, Pat W. and Peggy along with two new friends (I met them last year while visiting Peggy) Gail and Sally boarded AMTRAK in Charlotte and came for a visit. 
Pat W. is first off the train. 

I met them at the Cary Station and Ann's son, Andy, who works in Cary surprised Ann by being there to greet the group too. 

Ann surprised by her son Andy as Sally and Peggy on left look on. 

After a brief rest at my house, we set off for an afternoon at the Raleigh Arboretum.  The weather was perfect and there were lots of pretty fall flowers in bloom there. 
At the Arboretum.  L to R: Gail, Pat W, Peggy, Ann, me, Sally
Ann admires "sculpture" at the Arboretum.

Pretty fall asters. 

We had a light and late lunch at the Neomonde Bakery where they were introduced to Mediterranean cuisine. 

Back home for a short rest, and then we took off for a short visit to Crabtree Valley Mall.  We were all pretty tired by then.

Supper of chili at my house finished off a fun day with these friends.  I had made a cranberry, apple cake for dessert. 
Cramberry Apple  cake for dessert. 

After much catching up and reliving old times we were "plum tuckered out" and ready for bed and rest to be ready for a full day of adventures on Tuesday. 

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