Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gadding About at Duck Donuts in Raleigh

Duck Donuts (I think they began in Duck NC in the Outer Banks.)

Ordering at the counter.
I'm not really that much of a donut fan.  Every now and then when I drive by Krispy Kreme and they have their HOT sign out I may stop for a donut.  But the other day grandson Brooks introduced me to RISE biscuits and donuts, and then someone told me about Duck Donuts and I was very much in need of a trip out of the house this afternoon, so I convinced Debbie to go try Duck Donuts over in North Raleigh.  We picked up my friend Marcia on the way. 

A dozen Duck Donuts.

They have an amazing variety of donuts and you can order to your specifications.  We bought a dozen with a variety of flavors, icings, toppings, etc.  We each had one there.  Marcia took two home with her---another for her and one for Bob.  I kept two here at the house and I sent the remaining five home with Debbie to share with her family. 
Marcia's glazed donut.

My donut with vanilla icing, peanuts, and drizzled with salt caramel. 
They had a special donut, but we didn't try it.
Got a small box to send donuts home with Marcia.

I've got to get back in my routine of Eating Less Sugar.  I usually only eat dessert on Sunday, so a friend texted me and asked "Is it Sunday today?"  As I recover from my knee surgery, I told her that every day in August was going to be "Sunday"!  Oh, I will probably use a little self control and not have desserts every day of the month.

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