Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gadding About With Uber

I'm not allowed to drive because of my surgery 4 weeks ago.  Knee replacement.  Although my son or grandsons have been driving me around I wanted to try my first Uber experience.  So I signed up and it worked beautifully.
Uber will be here in 3 minutes.  Wow!!!!

I arrived for my appoinment with Rana half an hour early.  I requested Uber plenty early.

Kent was a good driver and very helpful.  5 stars.

Getting my hair cut at my hairdressers' Rana.

When I was finished I requested Uber to go back home

Back home in 7 minutes.

Safely back home with driver Terrence.  Great ride.  5 stars.
It's good to be gadding about again.  And now I can use Uber just like my young grandsons.  Maybe I should sign up to be a Uber driver to make a little "mad money" and to add a little excitement to my life!

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