Monday, June 13, 2016

New Tires for Little Red

My new to me little red Hyundai. 

I've named my new to me car "Little Red".  She's a nice little Hyundai that had belonged to the father of one of my Cape Breton friends, and I knew she was well cared for.  Dan and I had often talked about getting a car to leave in Nova Scotia to use when we were there.  When this one became available I bought it.  On my recent trip up to Marble Mountain, I got the car registered and inspected and drove her around.  She passed inspection, but it was recommended that I get new tires before too long, so I decided to go ahead and get some on this trip. 
Ok Tire Company in St. Peter's.
Frances at work. 

My friend, Frances, works at OK Tires in St. Peter's so Michealette (she is Frances' mother by the way and a good friend of mine)  and I took Little Red over to get the new tires.  The tire specialists thought it was more important to replace the front tires than the rear ones.  She'll get new rear tires in August when I'm back in Cape Breton.

Frances "supervising" the tire installation.

New tires for Little Red.

Frances has been a friend of mine since she was a teenager.  She is lucky in more ways than one.  A few years ago Bridgestone Tires had a contest for a cruise to the Bahamas for four people.  Frances happened to fill out a form and entered the contest.  Mind you the contest was for all Bridgestone Employees in the US and Canada, and she won the cruise.  OK Tires is a small business (the owner, two installers, and Frances) so when the contest called to find out about the winner, Frances answered the phone and the caller asked to speak to the Human Resource person.  Frances said "That would be me".  The caller then asked if there was a gentleman by the name of Frances Oram that worked there, and Frances said "That would be me, and I'm a girl."  The caller was flustered because she was not authorized to tell Frances that she had won the contest, when she called she wasn't expecting to be talking to the contest winner.  All she could tell Frances was that she would be getting a phone call in a week with some special news. 

A week later, Frances got the news that she had won the cruise and she had a week to let Bridgestone know who she would be taking with her.  She took her mother and two of her friends.  Frances' husband doesn't like flying and wouldn't go.  The four were flown to Miami and onto the Cruise with all expenses paid.  A great trip. 

Just this year Frances' ticket was chosen in the Chase the Ace contest in Sydney.  She and a friend who jointly owned the ticket each won $80,000 plus change. She had one in 11 chances of picking the Ace of Spades and she would have won over $1,000.000 dollars.  Lucky, lucky lady.  And it couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving person. 

I think the next time I go to the Casino, I will take Frances along. 

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