Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gadding about at the A & W

A & W in Port Hastings, Nova Scotia

I hadn't had a root beer float in ages so my friends Christene,Michealette, and I had lunch at  the A & W in Port Hastings the other day. 
Root beer float.  Yummy.
 Of course I had the float.
A & W has been in Canada since 1956 and is still going strong.

I eat burgers rarely, but they use beef that is hormone free so I had a "mama" burger as opposed to a "papa" or "grandpa" burger.  they had no "grandma" burger.  I must say it was very good.
A "Mama" burger.

I don't know if there are A & Ws in Raleigh or not.  But this will be my go to fast food place while in Marble Mountain. 

Well it's not in Marble Mountain, but in Port Hastings which is near Port Hawkesbury.

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