Thursday, February 18, 2016

Right Place at Right Time

I'm not gadding about much these days, because Dan is ill, and I have to stay close to home.  But I did venture out to Whole Foods yesterday, and came upon a young mother in the parking lot whose two year old was locked in the car.  The mother's phone, keys and everything were also locked in.  The child  accidentally hit the remote and the car locked while the mother was getting the stroller out of the trunk.
Mother trying to get her two year old to open the door.

Fortunately I had my cell phone, and we called 911 and the fire truck arrived pretty quickly and they managed to open the car door.  All the while, the two year old was enjoying every minute of this.  She thought it was some kind of game I guess. 
Firetruck arrives!
Firemen opening the door. 
Happy Mom.

All's well that ends well!!. 

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