Monday, October 5, 2015

English Ivy in Bloom

Ivy in bloom.  (Notice the bee gathering pollen or nectar. 
 I was gadding about in the yard this morning (yes my gadding about is limited these days)  and noticed the flowering English Ivy.  Our front and side bank at our house is covered with English Ivy, and while many consider this plant a weed, I really like the plant.  It does have to be kept under control though.  It tends to grow up tree trunks and will ultimately cause damage to the tree if not removed.  The plant is able to climb by producing roots all along the stem. 
Our bank of English Ivy.
Ivy creeping up the tree trunk. (I'll have to get this removed soon.)
Roots along the stem that allow the plant to climb and adhere to a surface.
Flowers occur in heads. 

It is only the mature branches that will produce flowers.  Out front we have a patch of Ivy that is in flower right now.
Patch of flowering ivy.

The flowers that occur in clusters have greenish yellow petals. 

English Ivy flower arrangement in our kitchen window.

I sometimes bring in branches to use as flower arrangements. 

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