Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tidying My Tee Shirts and Tank Tops

Marie Kondo's Book.
You may remember last January I spent several days decluttering my kitchen drawers and shelves.  Well,  I am in the mood to declutter or organize our master bedroom. And I am going to start with my clothes.

I've read excerpts from the book,The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, and I have viewed her video of How to Fold Shirts.   I am starting by organizing my tee shirts.

I laid all my tee shirts on the bed and decided which ones I truly wanted to keep.  I am recycling the others.

My keepers  I have folded following the method described in this video. *
How to fold a shirt according to the Kondo method.

Most of my tee shirts have come from festivals, athletic events, or concerts.
A memento from the 1993 Inauguration of Bill Clinton.

This shirt from the 1993 Inauguration of Clinton I have removed and put in my memento collection for one of my grandchildren.  I only wore it a few times.

One of my very favorite shirts and one of the oldest is the Tommy shirt that Patrick brought me back in 1994 when he attended The Who's Tommy on Broadway at the St. James Theater in New York.  Funny, but my most recent tee shirt is one Patrick brought back from The Who Concert here in Raleigh back in the spring or early summer.
My favorite Tommy shirt.
My newest tee shirt.

I'm not particularly a fan of The Who, but I do like these tee shirts.
1999 US Open in Pinehurst.

The US Open shirt I got when the Open was held in Pinehurst in 1999.

The Tall Ships shirt I bought when the Tall Ships were in Halifax in 2000.
One of my favorite.

One of my favorite shirts is the GRANDPAT shirt I ordered myself.
My tee shirts neatly arranged. 

Here are my tee shirts all lined up nicely in the armoire so that I can remove one shirt without moving any of the others.

I'm not OCD enough to follow all of Kondo's suggestions,but I guess I am OCD enough to follow her method of folding and storing my tee shirts and tank tops. 


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