Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Quick "Whole Foods Pizza"

Pizza for two using ingredients found at Whole Foods Market.
Whenever I am in need of a quick meal, I dash over to Whole Foods (very near us), grab a pack of their wonderful cornbread pizza crusts, pick up some toppings from the salad/deli bar and head back home where within 20 minutes lunch is ready.
We love these corn meal crusts from Whole Foods.

I often use basil pesto instead of tomato sauce as the base for the pizza.  When I do use tomato sauce I like to pick up a jar of Nello's Tomato Sauce available at Whole Foods. 
Nello's Sauce---the best.

Making healthy choices from their salad bar means I don't have to cut up onions, or mushrooms, or whatever for toppings and I don't have extra leftovers to remember to use before they go bad.
Black olives at Whole Foods salad bar.
Mushrooms and egg plant at Whole Foods salad bar.
In addition to black olives, mushrooms and egg plants, I chose shredded beets, shredded chicken and grated cheese.  All of these were added as toppings on the base of Nello's tomato sauce.
Nello's Tomato Sauce provides the base for the pizza.
My selection of toppings from the salad bar.
Toppings added, ready for the oven.  Bake 15 minutes at 425F.

Ready to eat.

There are so many good and healthy choices, I never make the same pizza twice.  Actually I often make two pizzas and freeze one for a future quick meal.

Cost for this pizza for two:
Crust  $3.00
1/2 jar of Nello's tomato sauce $2.85
Salad bar ingredients $5.70
Total cost $11.55

The ease of making a quick and healthy meal--Priceless 

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