Friday, September 4, 2015

Girls Night Out, Port Hood, Cape Breton, NS

The "girls" at Girls Night Out.  (L to R: Kate, Iris, Christene Catherine, Patti, Linda, Wendy) me sitting.
The highlight of my recent trip to Cape Breton was the night out with a bunch of my friends.  We went over to Port Hood and had dinner at the The Clove Hitch Bar and Bistro.

It was my first trip over to the beaches in that part of Cape Breton.  It was a lovely evening, and we were able to dine alfresco.  As you can tell from this video, it was a lively group.

Okay maybe you can't see the video.  I can't get it turned in landscape mode.  I must have taken it in portrait mode (my bad).

Catherine (mother of Wendy) in the beautiful dress she bought in California recently.

Wendy (daughter of Catherine).

Iris (daughter of Christene and mother of Kate).

Kate (daughter of Iris).
There were two others, Christene and Patti, and I didn't get individual photos of them.  Patti is in the group photo but Christene is turned away in the group photo.
I had fried haddock over rice.  Twas good. 
I shared this chocolate brownie with one of the girls.
Christene gave me an early birthday card.  My birthday was on the 23rd after we were back home from Nova Scotia.
The birthday card from Christene.
I've never tried to make a phone call with the TV remote, but I have tried to change the channel on the TV with the telephone.  : )  I think that qualifies to make me really old. 

I miss these folks terribly.  We have so much fun together.   

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  1. It was an awesome evening with great company!!! I can't wait until next years' night out!!!