Thursday, August 27, 2015

Marble Mountain Family Day

Lining up to buy tickets for the duck race.

Every summer as part of the Marble Mountain Festival,  Family Day is celebrated on a Sunday afternoon down on the waterfront and beach.  It's always fun and a chance to catch up with friends. There are lots of activities for kids and anyone who is young at heart.  Iris does the face painting. Burst a balloon with a dart and win a prize.  Toss the roll of toilet paper into the potty and win another prize. ( I tossed all three rolls and won a prize.). Buy a rubber ducky for the duck race ( In 2013 my duck won $50 for me.).
My duck number 4 won the race in 2013.

Face painting by Iris.
I got all three rolls in the potty. 
I'm waiting to burst balloons with darts.

Blake having a round of golf.

Wendy's  little grandson Blake was having fun playing golf.

There's music and hot dogs and ice cream.

Linda is busy selling hot dogs.
Folks out here know how to have fun the old-fashioned way, and I love it. 

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