Friday, August 21, 2015

Dinner At Marble Mountain Hall

This year's Dinner was sold out. 
 Each summer Marble Mountain has a special weekend festival, and we arrived this year just in time to participate in some of the activities. The Saturday night Dinner at the Community Hall is always not to be missed if at all possible.  The ladies in the community prepare wonderful dishes and for $10. one can enjoy a great dinner and also meet and greet others in the community.
Justin the fire chief of the Valley Mills Volunteer Fire Department arrived in this "antique" fire truck.
The tables laden with wonderful dishes prepared by the ladies of Marble Mountain.
Dan (front left) has just about cleaned his plate.
These two sisters are ready to enjoy their dinner.  One is dressed like Anne of Green Gables.

This year there was even a sing-along.  Someone had written a song about the Marble Mountain Road that is know as the road of potholes.  This was a nice touch to the wonderful meal and the socializing with friends.

I'm so glad we were able to attend the Dinner this year.

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