Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Weekend of Birthday Celebrations

Decorated birthday cookie.
There are three birthdays in our family in July and August (*not counting mine).  Meredith's birthday was in mid July, Dan's birthday was Monday, and Granddaughter Grace's birthday is August 7th.  We decided to celebrate all three with a cookout Sunday evening. (We celebrated Dan's birthday again on Monday with family and friends.) 

Everyone likes hamburgers so we grilled those.  For sides we had potato salad, mac n' cheese, baked beans and a salad. 
All is ready.  Waiting on the burgers.

Granddaughter Grace particularly likes a decorated large cookie as opposed to cake so to please her I picked up a cookie at Harris-Teeter.  There were several flavors of ice cream (all from Local Fresh) for folks to choose their favorite. (vanilla, chocolate, Carolina Crunch, maple walnut, and cookies n' cream)
Birthday cookie.

When I was in Ireland recently, I found these little silver earrings. A perfect gift for Grace.
Tiny little silver earrings I found in Ireland for Grace's 14th birthday.

On Monday we celebrated with cake and ice cream for Dan's 88th. 
Dan's cake made by Macy Cakes. 

Cake and ice cream. 
It was a fun weekend.   (*My birthday is at the end of August, and we will celebrate at a later date.)

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