Sunday, July 19, 2015

Destination Wedding (Part Two): Who's Who

I thought you might like to know the cast of characters in the destination wedding in Northern Ireland, my recent post.  

Main characters:  The bride Rebecca (my first cousin, twice removed) and the groom Thomas.
Thomas and Rebecca (Photo by Chad Frey.)

Father of the bride:  Kenneth, the Colonel
Father of the bride, Ken.

Mother of the bride:  Robin
Maternal grandmother of the bride:  Joan

Robin the mother of the bride.  Joan the maternal grandmother of the bride.

Maternal grandmother of the bride:  Joan
Joan, the maternal grandmother of the bride. (*Joan had a destination wedding too.  Future blog will cover that.)

Father of the groom:  David
David, the groom's father.

Mother of the groom:  Ann
Ann, the groom's mother.

Maid of honor:  Kate
Kate, the maid of honor. (Photo by James Laker.)

Bridesmaids:  Elizabeth and Emily
Ken with his three daughters.  Bridesmaids Elizabeth on left and Emily on right.

Best Man:  Aidan
Aidan the best man with Thomas. (Photo by James Laker.)

Groomsmen:  Stewart and Eddie
Groomsmen Eddie on left, Stewart (Thomas' brother) in the middle, Aidan, the best man on the right.( Photo by Helen Hillis)

Family of groom:
Thomas with his parents and sibs.  Sister Val on left and Helen on right and brother Stewart.(Photo by Helen Hillis)
Nephew and nieces of Thomas:
The nephew and nieces of Thomas enjoyed the wedding too.
This wedding brought together two wonderful families.  Blessings on the bride and groom for a long and happy life together. It was a fun wedding.

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