Thursday, July 2, 2015

Brookvale Farm in Northern Ireland

Brookvale Farm, the house.

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Northern Ireland for the wedding of Thomas and Rebecca was visiting with Thomas' parents Ann and David at their lovely Brookvale Farm.  The main crop of the Farm is the orchards of Armagh Bramley apples. 
Young apple tree.
The last of the apple blossoms in early June.
Mature Bramley apples in the fall of the year.  (Photo from the internet.)

We had two wonderful dinners out at Brookvale and a barbecue on Sunday after the wedding.  Ann and David are marvelous hosts and they have a wonderful extended family.  The whole family was there for the wedding festivities. 
David (father of the groom) cooking potatoes on their Aga stove. 
One of Ann's delicious dinners.

The cozy fire in the dining room.
In the yard are two gorgeous copper beech trees.  I am partial to copper beeches, because Dan and I were married in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the beautiful garden of one of Dan's friends under a copper beech. 
A beautiful copper beech tree in the yard at Brookvale.

The leaves of the beech tree are copper colored hence the name copper beech.

The beautiful house has been in the family for several generations.  Soon Thomas' older brother Stewart will be taking over the farm.

Ann greeting Joan and Robin in front of the Glass house.
The parlor:.  Left to right:  Ann(mother of the groom), Joan (grandmother of the bride), Robin(mother of the bride)..
The grandchildren were here for the barbecue on Sunday and they enjoyed playing with the little Jack Russell farm dog, Jack. 

Thomas' niece, Scarlett, playing with Jack the farm dog. 

Visiting with the Glass family at their farm was delightful. . 

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