Saturday, May 23, 2015

A "French" Brunch This Morning

A "French" themed brunch on a lovely May morning.
What a wonderful way to start the Memorial Day weekend with a "French" brunch courtesy of our friend Jeanette.  She brought the most beautiful and delicious croissants that we warmed and served with Bonne Maman strawberry preserves.
Jeanette arrived with a basket of goodies.

"French" croissant with strawberry jam.
Bonne Maman jam.

Jeanette had stopped by the Lyon Farms Strawberry Stand to get a basket of beautiful and tasty fresh strawberries to which I added blueberries for a fruit cup. 
Fresh strawberries from Lyon's Farm.
Jeanette and I made coffee using the new Verismo coffee maker out in the guest suite---once we figured out how the machine worked.  Dan and I aren't coffee drinker, in general, but with this new machine that will make a cup at a time I may become addicted.

A cup of coffee hot from the machine.
In addition to providing brunch, our friend brought us a selection of tea napkins.  The Carolina ones for when I have one of the UNC grands over, and the Keep Calm and Carry On ones that are appropriate as I frantically prepare for a trip to Ireland.  The others are reminiscent of France. 
Cute collection of tea napkins.
Dan particularly enjoys visits from Jeanette who is fluent in French.  He can have a bit of conversation in French when she's here. 

Dan and Jeanette enjoying brunch.
After brunch, we sat out on the back patio, and it was a near perfect May day.  By mid-afternoon, we decided to have another cup of coffee (I enjoy my new toy) and I happened to remember I had these little chocolate crepe cookies that carried out the "French" theme for the day.

These are delicious little cookies.

Thank you Jeanette it was a perfectly delightful day!

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