Monday, March 30, 2015

A Creative International Wedding Invitation

Invitation to Thomas and Rebecca's Wedding in Northern Ireland
Rebecca my first cousin, twice removed (her grandmother is my first cousin), is marrying Thomas in Northern Ireland, and their wedding invitation is the most creative I've ever received.  Rebecca is the talented blogger,The Clothes Horse , and Thomas is a documentary film producer so I'm not surprised that they designed this clever invitation.  I am so looking forward to the wedding in June.

Front of the "passport" invitation. (Designed by Rebecca and Thomas.)
Inside of "passport".  Notice every little detail on this. (Designed by Rebecca and Thomas.)

Our "boarding pass" and stub for RSVP. (Designed by Rebecca and Thomas.)
The wedding will be outdoors at the Parkanaur Manor House in Northern Ireland (inside if weather dictates) with reception to follow.
Parkanaur Manor wedding and reception venue. (Photo from Parkanaur Manor Website.)
Reception area at Parkanaur Manor. (Photo from Parkanaur Manor Website.)
Rebecca and Thomas (Photo by Epic Love Photography).

I know this is going to be one beautiful wedding. 

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