Saturday, February 7, 2015

BHS Queen of Hearts Dance 2015

Stage ready for the Queen of Hearts Court. 

The big dance at Broughton High School each year is the Queen of Hearts Dance.  The seniors choose a theme and do all the decorations and plan all the entertainment.  This year the theme was Alice in Wonderland and the gym was decorated beautifully, and the entertainment was exceptional.
Wonderful decorations. 

For the rehearsal at noon on Saturday the public is invited.  I attended this year because my youngest grandson, Tyler, who is a freshman was escorting one of the Freshman girls on the Court.
The four freshmen escorts.  Grandson Tyler on far right. 

I was shocked to see Tyler in his tuxedo.  He is so grown up, and he looks even more grown up in a tux.  Time passes so quickly.

The Court was introduced each class at a time, with entertainment sprinkled throughout the program
Broughton Dance Team perform. 
Broughton  Jazz Ensemble perform. 

At the end the girls and their escorts danced in the middle of the gym.
Tyler and Belle dancing. 

Tyler and Belle dancing.

Each year I have gone to my grandson's house and have had my picture made with the grandsons as they dress for the Dance.
Grandpat and Brooks my senior.  He was going over to a friend's house to change into his tuxedo.  
Grandpat with Tyler and Grace.  In two years Grace will be going to the dance.  

This will be the sixth time I've done this.  Tyler will have three more years and then Grace will be there for four.  So I'm looking forward to more.

A fun day, and I'm sure the Broughton students are having fun at the dance tonight.

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