Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year's Resolution

Our kitchen drawer that needs to be decluttered.
I haven't made New Year's Resolution in the past number of years because I never seem to keep them longer than maybe a month or so.  This year I'm make a Resolution for the first 11 days in the New Year.  In our kitchen we have eleven kitchen drawers that are in need of decluttering and reorganizing.  So I'm hoping this resolution will get the job done.  I resolve to clean/organize one kitchen cabinet drawer a day through January 11th.  And I will keep you posted from time to time.

Today I did the first drawer: the drawer to the left of the refrigerator.  As you can imagine I found things that simply needed to be discarded and others that belong somewhere else---not in this drawer.

Here are two before photos:
Before layer one.
Before layer two.

Here's everything that came out of the drawer.
Everything that came out of the drawer.

These are things that belong somewhere else, but not here.  Goody bags, can opener, Scotch tape, drinking straws, post ems, Ricola, mini whisk, owner's guides to various kitchen appliances. 
Things that belong somewhere else.

Here's the drawer organized.  Now doesn't that look nice?  The cake rounds and doilies belong here, but organized.  Party picks and skewers, shopping list tablets, hand held magnifier (if I need to read the ingredients on a product or read a recipe from the newspaper), and my kitchen scales.
The drawer organized.

Some things I definitely use a lot are in this drawer.
Salter digital kitchen scale.

Our digital glass kitchen scale by Salter.  It is so easy to use and so accurate.  If you need a reliable kitchen scale I recommend this one. I've found that for many recipes, baked goods for example, it is more accurate to weigh the ingredients than to measure them in measuring cups.

I like to have party picks and two sizes of bamboo skewers on hand.  I especially like the bamboo skewers for making meat or fruit kabobs.
Bamboo skewers.

One drawer down and ten to go, but I have ten more days.  Stay tuned. 

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  1. Great job Patti Down!!!! You can come and do mine when you are done!!