Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Michealette

Today is my friend Michealette's birthday up in Cape Breton. But her two daughters Michealette (Jr.) and Frances gave her a birthday party back in September when we were in Marble Mountain so we had the privilege of attending the party which was great fun.
Michealette with her girls.  Frances on left and Michealette Jr. on right. (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)

It was a beautiful sunny day, and we enjoyed sitting outdoors with music provided by Michealette (Jr.) and Norman (Frances' husband).

Michaelette (Jr.) and Norman provided music for the afternoon.
It was great to see lots of friends and family.
Michealette, the birthday lady, with her grandson Matthew.
Michealette and her grandson John. (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)

Friends and family.  Standing Christene, seated right Theresa next to Grant and on left Alice.
Lawrence arrives to wish Michealette a happy birthday. (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)

Wendy and her grandson Blake.  (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)
Michealette with Dan, Laura, and Anthony. (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)
Frances greeting Alice and me on our arrival. (Photo by Jack Ronalds.)

Donna (left) and Linda (right) wishing the birthday lady a happy birthday.(Photo by Jack Ronalds.)
 Our neighbor Maggie arrived with a lovely bouquet of flowers from her garden.

Maggie bringing home-grown flowers for the birthday lady.
There was a spread of scrumptious finger food and a chilled pink punch.
Beautiful and delicious finger food.
Chilled pink punch.

One of the highlights of the party was Alice, our friend and caretaker who accompanied us to Canada last summer, dancing to her own beat--dancing without music yet musical with her rhythm. 
Alice making "music" with her feet. 

I'm glad the girls decided to give their Mom a party in the summer, because it is much too cold in Port Hastings today to enjoy the outdoors as we did in September.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MICHEALETTE. This time on the actual day of your birthday.

 (Jack Ronalds' photos courtesy of Michealette Jr.)

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