Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Drawer Seven: Can you identify these utensils?

Our organized utensil drawer. 
This morning I tackled the kitchen utensil drawer where I keep our occasionally used utensils.  The frequently used ones I keep in containers on the counter near the stove.
The frequently used utensils I keep close at hand on the counter.

This drawer was rather cluttered to say the least.  I emptied everything out and put all through a good washing in hot soapy water and then drained them before I dried and sorted them.

Everything out of the drawer, washed and rinsed.

I had read that cork drawer liners are great for utensils because the utensils don't slide around as easily when you open the drawer.  They tend to more or less stay put.  So this drawer I lined with cork.
Roll of cork liner.

There were some things that I stored elsewhere.  The vintage pastry blender I put in the drawer with the pastry cloth and rolling pin.
The vintage pastry blender was moved to the drawer with the rolling pin and pastry cloth.

All the cookie cutters I stored with the other cookie cutters in the pantry.
Cookie cutters went to the pantry.

I'm going to give you a little quiz to see if you can identify the use for the following utensils that live in this drawer. (Answers at end of blog.)

Question 1.  Please identify this utensil.

Question 2.  Do you know what this is used for?

Question 3.  How about this one?

Question 4.  I really like this one.  Do you know what it is?

 Question 5.  I bet you don't know this one, but if you ever use one you will like it.

Question 6.  What are these little steel-wool looking things?  Not the teaspoon.
What are these?

With the cork liner keeping everything more or less in place, this drawer looks pretty organized now.
Kitchen utensil drawer lined with cork and organized.

I'm having a bit of fun with this year's New Year's Resolution. On to drawer eight.  Only four more days to go.  I think I can make it. 

Answers to above questions:  1.  zester for citrus fruits  2.  fish server  3.  Gadget to remove the hulls from strawberries  4.  Spaghetti tongs.  Great for serving spaghetti noodles.  5.  Garlic cloves peeler.  Just put the garlic clove in and roll around and it comes out smooth as can be and your hands are free of garlic odor.   6.  I hope you might know, because I have no idea, and please let me know if you recognize them.  They look like they might be some kind of filter for something.  Anyway I have saved them in case I discover their use later on.


  1. Hi Pat. I think the last ones are for descaling your kettle. You put one inside and it collects the bits of limescale? Like this

  2. Oh thank you so much. The riddle is solved. I told my husband that someone had identified these, and then he remembered that he had bought them sometime in the past to try on our kettle in our summer place in Nova Scotia. We aren't bothered with scale on our kettle here in NC, but we sure are in NS. Do you suppose you can use them in an electric kettle? Thank you again for your comment.

  3. Hi there. I think you can because that's where I remember seeing one (though must admit I don't know that it was particularly effective!)

    Looking forward to your NS blogs in the summer, that's how I came by your site before I went there last September.

    1. Well I hope you enjoyed Nova Scotia. Did you get to Cape Breton Island. That is where our summer home is. We love it there, but not in winter. Too cold! It's too cold here in NC today though 10 F.

  4. It was fantastic, I'd go back in the blink of an eye. We had 5 wonderful days on Cape Breton and didn't want to leave.