Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dishcloths and Kitchen Towels

Our kitchen towels and dishcloths in organized drawer.
As a continue with my New Year's Resolution here on day eight, I have cleaned out and organized the drawer in which we keep the kitchen towels and dishcloths.  There were a few pot holders that were in this drawer that I moved to the appropriate drawer.  Other than that not much to do except to tidy up a bit.

I decided to throw all the cloths and towels into the washer for a quick hot wash and then into the dryer.  I tend to use the ones that are near the top all the time, so I will try to rotate ones from the bottom of the stack each time I replace them. 
Ready for the wash.

I still use the hand crocheted dishcloths that my mother made.  During her last five or six years when she couldn't crochet more complicated items, she crocheted dishcloths.  My sister and I have enough to last our lifetime, and enough to give our children and grandchildren.  They are great to use, and they give me happy memories of Mama when I use them.
Dishcloths hand-crocheted by my Mama. 

I try to change the dishcloths for washing and the ones for drying as well as the hand towels every day.  I throw the used ones in a plastic bag and keep the bag in the freezer so they won't mildew and become "smelly".  I wash these once a week by themselves in hot water and dry them on the hot cycle in the dryer.   We have paper towels on hand, but we try to use cloth as much as possible for environmental reasons. 
Hand towel on door of oven. 

I usually keep one hand towel on the door of the oven, a hand towel and a dish towel for drying on the bar at the end of the kitchen counter.  The dishcloth for washing I keep hanging over the faucet. 
Hand towel and dish towel for drying.
Dishcloth for washing.

This drawer was easy to organize. 

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