Friday, December 12, 2014

The "Eyes" Have It

When Dan fell the other day he was lucky not to break anything---even his eyeglasses.  He did lose one of the nose pads though, and the other day we popped into an optician's nearby to get it replaced.  While they were working on Dan's glasses I noticed how nicely decorated the shop was and proceeded to take a few photos. 

First I noticed a great poster of Willie Nelson, a favorite of mine.

A second poster caught my eye.

The lovely flower in the silver colored urn matched a poster of orchids in the background.

They certainly have cute eye glasses for kids these days.

And look at all the colorful eye glass cases.

There was even a touch of the holidays with one of the arrangements.

In short order, the optician had replaced the nose pads, had touched up the frame in a few places where the coating had scraped off and presented them as good as new.

Dan's specs as good as new. 
While browsing around I saw a beautiful pair of polarized sunglasses that have my name on them.  Are you listening Santa?
Sunglasses by Cocoon.

I never knew when I went into this little shop that I would find something to blog about.  But here it is.

We got splendid service in a lovely setting.  Thanks!!
 Bob Morris Opticians

An early present from Santa.  What could that be?????
 Oh look what I found under the Christmas tree this morning.  An early present from Santa!!!  I wonder what that can be?

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