Friday, November 21, 2014

A New Take on Pimento Cheese Using Red Leicester Cheese

Trader Joe's Red Leicester Cheese

As I was checking out at Trader Joe's this afternoon with my cream cheese and roasted red peppers in a jar, the checkout guy asked what I was making.  I told him pimento cheese.  He asked if I had ever used their Red Leicester cheese.  He said it made the best pimento cheese.  So I brought some home. Sure enough it makes great pimento cheese and so easy.

Trader Joe's Red Leicester Cheese has a hint of chili and a lot of red bell pepper.  The cheese is also somewhat softer than regular cheddar cheese that I normally use for making pimento cheese.  I grated a half pound of the Leicester and added about 3 to 4 ounces of cream cheese and blended these in the food processor.  I added enough mayonnaise to make it the consistency I like.  This was quick, easy and very tasty.

Grate the Red Leicester Cheese.  Notice the red bell pepper is quite abundant. 
Add the cream cheese and blend in food processor. 

Add enough mayo for desired consistency. 

I like pimento cheese on Graham Crackers and also on slices of apples.  We had these as appetizers before our dinner tonight.
This is good spread on Graham Crackers. 
Or on apple slices.  

If you have a Trader Joe's, you might like to try this.

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