Saturday, October 4, 2014

Casey's Christmas-Themed Bridal Shower (Part One)

Gifts for the bridal shower under the tree.

When I was planning a bridal shower for Casey who is marrying my grandnephew Adam, I decided to use a "Christmas in October" theme.  I think it was fun for everyone---especially the bride-to-be.

The invitation specified the Christmas theme and asked guests to bring a gift that could be used at Christmas.  Well that could be almost anything actually.  But many did bring Christmas y things.

The Shower Invitation. 
Christmas decorations were used throughout our Chatfield house including a decorated aluminum 1950s Christmas tree.
1950s aluminum Christmas tree.

When the bride-to-be arrived, I presented her with a corsage that was pinned on by her grandmother, Margaret.  The corsage included a crocheted Santa ornament that had been crocheted by my mother.  Casey never knew my mother who would have been her great grandmother (by marriage), but she will have an ornament made by her. 
The corsage adorned with a Santa ornament made by Granny Greene.

Casey's grandmother pins on the corsage. (Photo by Peggy Rhyne)

At our house on Christmas eve, we always play what we call "Dirty Santa" also called "The White Elephant Game".  As an ice breaker, we played this game at the shower.  I  bought and wrapped the gifts---Christmas ornaments.   For picking numbers to decide the order of play, I had each guest choose a small box that contained a numbered Westmoore Pottery ornament that could be taken home as a party favor.
Each box contained a tiny pottery ornament with a number to determine the order of play.

Westmoore Pottery ornaments. (
 In turn each guest opened a "Dirty Santa" gift based on her number, and ornaments could be taken away from someone rather than choosing an unopened gift.  Several of the ornaments did change hands.
Wooden birdhouse ornament. (Photo by Peggy Rhyne)
More Christmas ornament gifts.

Everyone had a lot of fun with this game. 

Refreshments followed the Christmas theme:  Lottie Lane Fruitcake (homemade), spiced pecans (homemade), fruit kabobs, cheese florets (Southern Supreme) and hot spiced apple cider to drink.

The food. (Photo by Kelly Cabaniss Snellings)

Lottie Lane Fruitcake.

Table set up on screen porch.  (Photo by Peggy Rhyne)

After refreshments, Casey opened her gifts.  (To be continued.)

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