Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Casey's Christmas-Themed Bridal Shower (Part Two)

Female relatives of Adam and Casey brought Christmas y gifts to the Christmas-themed bridal shower on Friday night.  First here are the guests.
Adam's Aunt CeCe with Casey.  CeCe helped host the party.  Thanks so much CeCe.  
Adam's grandmother and my sister, Martha, and Casey

Adam's Aunt Leslie gives a hug to the bride-to-be.
My niece, Kelly, mother of the groom.   (Photo by me)
Adam's Aunt Joy with the bride-to-be
Adam's Great Aunt Bernice and cousins Debbie (left) and Sherrie (right). 
Adam's sister-in-law Kristen.  
L. to R. :  Donna, mother of the bride, Casey, Margaret, Casey's grandmother, and Joann, Casey's Great Aunt. 
And now for some of the pretty gifts Casey received.

Kristen's gift wasn't a box of Huggies.  This was just the box she used to wrap it.
Included in Martha's gift was a tiny wine glass inscribed : "3 wise men.  Really?"
From Kelly to Casey and Adam.  So sweet. 
I had a special ornament made by Nth Degree Art (Photo by me)
and a Christmas tree skirt made by SeamsClever
Christmas tree skirt of burlap with felt poinsettias around the perimeter.  (Photo by me)
I had all the guests write a message on the back lining of the tree skirt.
The bride's mother, Donna, writing a message on the back lining of the tree skirt. (Photo by me) 
Finally I want to thank my friend, Peggy, who helped host the party.
Peggy and I.  

I certainly had a lot of fun planning and hosting the shower, and I believe the guests and the bride-to-be had fun as well.  And now the Chatfield house is already decorated for Christmas.  I think I'll plan another party!

But first, I can't wait to attend Casey and Adam's wedding on Saturday.

Photos by Kelly Cabaniss Snellings unless otherwise noted.

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