Friday, October 17, 2014

Casey and Adam's Wedding October 11, 2014

Last weekend we were in Cleveland County for the wedding of my grandnephew Adam and his bride Casey.  It was a lovely wedding.  The venue was a beautiful meadow strewn with hay bales, and although it rained about an hour before the wedding, it turned out to be a beautiful evening.  Actually just after it rained, a rainbow appeared in the eastern sky behind the site of the bridal arch.  I think that must be a special sign for a special wedding.
Directions to the meadow.
The chairs are ready.  
The rainbow after the rain and just before the wedding.  A good sign I would say.

Dan and I waited around under the tent before the wedding and moved out to the chairs in the meadow just before the ceremony.
Dan talking with my niece Kelly, the mother of the groom, before the wedding. 

Adam's little nephews joined the wedding party just before the bride with Cason pulling his little brother Brayton in a little red wagon.

The bride was given in marriage by her mother, Donna.

The groomsmen, the bride's attendants, as well as the bride and groom wore cowboy boots.
The groomsmen.
Two brides maids (sister of the groom on the left and sister of bride of the right).

The bride and groom exchanged vows in front of a vine adorned arbor.

The happy Mr. and Mrs. 

The reception was wonderful.  Lots of good food, fellowship, and music.
The wedding cake. 

The couple enjoys their first dance.
First dance. 

The groom's family. 

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