Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Will the End of Summer Mean the End of the Ice Cream Truck?

Lots of different goodies on the ice cream truck.

Almost every Sunday afternoon, the ice cream truck makes its way around the neighborhood and down our street. Now that summer is over I wonder if the ice cream truck will continue to make its rounds.
Dover/Davis Street ice cream truck.

When I was a kid living out in the country every now and then Tony's ice cream truck would come down the road ringing its bell. We would run out with our nickel (maybe dime) in hand to get ice cream.  Our neighborhood truck plays a calliope version of The Entertainer to announce its arrival, and a nickel or dime won't buy a popsicle these days.  Nonetheless, it's fun to hear the truck in the neighborhood, and it's fun to partake of its goodies.

Recently I just had to join the neighborhood kids and get a chocolate covered popsicle.  It reminds me of my childhood days back in Cleveland County.

Neighbors eating ice cream.

Chocolate covered popsicle.  My favorite.
Ice cream brings out the "kid" in me.

I hope the ice cream truck doesn't stop now that summer is over.

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