Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Really Fresh Eggs for Breakfast

Chicken coop for free range hens. 
One of our neighbors has two flocks of chickens for laying eggs.

Hens graze during the day inside fence.
She was out of town recently and she invited us to go over and gather some of the eggs.  We went over on Sunday and her house sitter let the chicken out into their pen where they graze during the day.  Alice and I went to the nests and gathered the eggs.  There were nine in all---four from Saturday and five from Sunday.
Four fresh eggs in the nest.
Nine freshly laid eggs.

I can only remember once gathering eggs when I was a small child and my grandmother had some laying hens.  So this was a new experience and a fun one.

On Monday morning we ate four of the eggs.  The yolks were so bright yellow because the chickens are free range and eat a lot of plants during the day.
The yolks are so bright yellow.

I scrambled the eggs in a bit of butter---no  garnishes of any kind---just pure scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs.

We enjoyed the eggs with some Lunenburg pudding (the nearest thing they have here that resembles liver mush) and a fresh blueberry muffin made by our friend Michealette.  What a good breakfast.
Ready to eat.

My younger son upon seeing some of the photos asked if we could have a chicken coop at our house in Raleigh.  We could of course---one of close neighbors does.  So he said we've got to make that happen.  So once I get back to Raleigh I my end up with my very own chicken coop in the backyard. 

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