Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shopping at Ivy and Leo with Grace

My only granddaughter turns thirteen next week.  Where has the time gone?  She was over at the house giving me a hand with some things, and I suggested we go shopping for something for her upcoming birthday.  She chose Ivy and Leo at Cameron Village to look for a dress.  It's always fun shopping with her, since I had only boys and only grandsons (seven) until Grace arrived.  The ONLY girl. 
Grace checking out the rack of clothes.
I love the color of Grace's hair.

She just had her ears pierced last week.

I was intrigued as I watched her shop.  She has definite ideas about what she likes and what she doesn't like. 
I tried to get Grace to try these shoes, but she wasn't interested.

I couldn't persuade her to try these shoes for example.
She settled on this dress.  I thought it a nice choice.

She tried four different garments and settled on this little dress which I like very much too.
Her nail polish matches the trim on her dress.

 After shopping we headed over to Goodberry's for some ice cream---actually for a concrete. 

It didn't take long after we finished our ice cream until out came the cell phone.

I must admit I checked my phone too. 

It was fun shopping with my only granddaughter.

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