Friday, August 15, 2014

Shell Island Resort

Shell Island Resort
 I finally got in a quick trip to the beach.  My younger son and I spent three days down at Wrightsville Beach at the Shell Island Resort which is at the far northern end of the beach.  It's a beautiful place, and the beach is not too crowded, or at least one can wander down to the far end for a bit of privacy.
Swimming pool and beach at Shell Island Resort.

I spent most of the time catching up on my reading.  I'm currently reading the new John Dean about Watergate.  In the early evening, I walked on the beach after the sun was low in the sky. 
Sea oats are important in maintaining the dunes. And they are lovely on a late afternoon walk.

One evening a young man was kite surfing near us on the beach, and at one point the kite passed directly over me.  That looks like a lot of fun----if only I were younger. 
Kite surfing.

Kite passed right over my head.

Dining out is one of my favorite pastimes while at the beach.  We managed to have a number of really good seafood dinners. 

Our favorite place to dine.  Oceanic at the pier on Wrightsville Beach.
Delicious she-crap soup and a nice salad.

 On our last evening there, the sunset over the marshes was spectacular.
Beautiful sunset over the marsh at Shell Island.

I'm ready to go back to Shell Island and Wrightsville Beach.

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