Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Neighbors in Marble Mountain

Welcome home!

What a nice welcome home surprise!  Some kind neighbor planted nasturtiums in our window boxes to greet us upon our arrival. Did they know nasturtiums are among my favorites?
Nasturtiums in our window box.

Another neighbor, Glenn,  had mowed the meadow allowing for a beautiful view of a field of goldenrod.

The mowed meadow. 

Goldenrod by the fence post.

The lake is as beautiful as ever even on an overcast and rainy day.
Our view of the lake.

The house was perfect with the beds all made, the kitchen all ready, and the hot water on, thanks to Mary Ann and Murdo.
The guest room was ready for Alice.

Alice settled right in and while she's here helping us she will also work on her memoir.
Alice working on her memoir.
We were showing Alice some of the common mammals of the area in our book Mammals of Canada. But my favorite nonhuman mammal here is Maggie.
My favorite nonhuman mammal having a nap on her favorite pillow.

What wonderful neighbors we have here in Marble Mountain!  We are happy to be back, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you soon.

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