Friday, August 22, 2014

Masstown Market at Truro, Nova Scotia

Masstown Market.

When my friend Wendy saw that I was in Halifax she sent me a message saying I might enjoy checking out the Masstown Market, since we would be near it on our trip back to Cape Breton.  I am so glad she clued us in to that Market.  It is fabulous!  So many fresh vegetables from local farmers and fresh fish as well.

When we arrived the parking lot was almost full, but luckily we found a spot right beside the lighthouse, and it was in a shady area that was perfect for Maggie.  It wasn't hot though because it was an overcast day.
Lots of folks at the Market on a Friday morning.
The little white car to the left of the "lighthouse" is ours. 

Dan stayed with Maggie while Alice and I headed for the fresh vegetable area of the market.  There was a little bit of everything--we found beet greens, green beans, yellow beans, and sweet potatoes.

Yellow wax beans from a local farmer.
 It is blueberry season here and we got a small carton of wild blueberries.  The wild ones have so much more flavor than the cultivar that is usually grown.  We have quite a bit of frozen berries or else we would have gotten a really big carton of those.

Wild blueberries.
A box of wild blueberries.
There were all kinds of baked goods, but when I found shortcake biscuits I knew I had to try those.

I'll use these to make blueberry shortcake.

A new kind of brownie.
I resisted most of the sweet baked goods, except for macaroon brownies---that's a new take on brownies.  Yes we brought some of those home.  

The highlight for Dan was the fish market in the "lighthouse".  They had quite an array of fish and seafood goodies.

Varied seafood at the Market.
Dan liked the looks of the farm raised Arctic char, and we baked one for dinner tonight.  It tastes like a blend between a salmon and a trout.  Really delish and oh so fresh.  
Baked Arctic char for dinner.

I don't know how we have missed this place all these years, but I am very grateful to Wendy for suggesting we visit it.  We will go back.

You might like to check out their website..


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