Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday Party Marble Mountain Style

A wonderful birthday.
Saturday was my birthday and I went to a fabulous birthday party at the Marble Mountain Hall.  These folks really know how to throw a birthday party.  There must have been more than a hundred folks from the village and surrounding area at the party, and there was live music.  A covered dish supper was provided by the women of Marble Mountain.

A lot of people.
Alice sitting on the left at our table.
The food.
Lots of good food brought in by the Marble Mountain neighbors.
The music.
Local musicians provided Cape Breton music.

The cake.
A huge sheet cake that was pretty and delicious. 
Actually you probably have guessed by now that this party was NOT for me but for Russell who lives in the village and who turned 85.  I quietly pretended that it was my birthday party too.
Russell dancing at his birthday party.

It really was a wonderful way to spend my birthday.. And many happy returns to Russell on his 85th.

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