Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alice Visits Maggie's Garden

Maggie in her garden.
Soon after we arrived at Marble Mountain, Maggie, a close neighbor, brought us a large bag of Swiss chard that she grew, and invited us to go over and see her garden.  Alice who is an avid gardener was eager to go and on Tuesday we visited.  Maggie*, with help from her husband Kit, has numerous raised beds in which she grows all kinds of vegetables.  It is an amazing garden.
Maggie and Alice in the garden.
Alice looking at the "Jack in the Beanstalk" beans.  A whole wall of beans.Those are some tall beans.
A fine bed of leeks.
Sweet potatoes.
Maggie says the whirligig helps to chase away the voles.
A lush bed of Swiss chard.
Alice, ever the gardener, could not resist pulling a few weeds out of the broccoli patch.
Turnips like the ones we grow in North Carolina.
Maggie also raises chicken and their eggs are so fresh and delicious.  And I love to hear the rooster crowing, but so far this summer I don't believe he has crowed.
She has two flocks of chickens.  This is a black variety she has.  The fresh eggs when we can get them are delicious.

Alice and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Maggie's wonderful garden. Fantastic job Maggie!

*Maggie and Kit moved here from Maryland.  They are here pretty much year round.

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