Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Second Strawberry Season

Strawberry shortcake in August at Marble Mountain.
Back in North Carolina, strawberry season is in early May, and now we are in Marble Mountain, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and we are getting local fresh strawberries at the last of their season here.  That called for strawberry shortcake in August.
Local Strawberries in August.

We bought the most beautiful strawberries at Sobeys and when we were at Masstown Market I had bought homemade shortcake biscuits which I had frozen until today when we made strawberry shortcake.
Shortbread biscuits from Masstown Market.

After slicing the strawberries, I added just a bit of sugar and let them sit for about an hour.  I didn't use much sugar because the strawberries were very sweet.
Sliced berries with just a bit of sugar.
After thawing the frozen shortcake biscuits I warmed them in the oven.  These biscuits were so large that I only needed half a biscuit to make a nice sized serving.
Shortbread biscuit half spread with butter.

I spread the biscuits halves with butter and then added the sliced strawberries.
Add strawberries.

Strawberry shortcake always calls for whipped cream----nothing but homemade whipped cream.  After whipping the cream, I add a bit of vanilla and just a tad of sugar.  We don't like our shortcake to be super sweet.
Whip the cream.

I saved a few strawberries to garnish each serving.  The result was five strawberry shortcakes for the five of us at lunch today.  YUMMY!!!!!
Five strawberry shortcakes.

What a treat to have two strawberry seasons this year.

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